What is the origin of the Tower of Babel

The story of the Tower of Babel is written in Genesis 11 of the Old Testament and says that all people on earth once spoke one language. The people decided to build a tall and glorious tower in order to “reach the heavens” and be like God. They began constructing a large rectangular tower, but God didn’t like the pride and arrogance he saw in the hearts of the people. As a result, he suddenly changed their language and caused all people to speak different languages so they could not communicate with one another, or reunite to build the tower. After that, the project had to be abandoned.
The Tower of Babel Language Services  plan is to facilitate communication between nations, cultures, and people
all over the world 

Our Teachers

Our teachers are the best in their fields. Each one has a creative method of teaching and they can teach you language and culture simultaneously.

Our Mission

Our goal is to facilitate communications between nations, cultures, and people all over the world either with teaching you a language or translate any kid of materials for you.

Our Students

There is no age limit. We serve all students ages 6 and up.

I've heard about the Tower of Babel through a friend. I'm Russian and my boyfriend is Iranian. we both started at the same time. I started Farsi and my boyfriend Russian. it's been just 6 months and we both can communicate in our native languages.

We are so happy with our choice. Thanks to Tower of Babel that opened another door for us. 

Vida & Reza

Following my audition, I offered a role in a movie. I had one month to learn my lines in Arabic. I was so nervous and was not sure if I could make it. A friend of mine introduced me to the Tower of Babel. I don't know how I should thank them for accepting and helping me to do my job. the result was amazing. Even my Arabic speaker friend was amazed by my smooth accent.


I found the Tower of Babel while I was l looking to translate my documents. I contacted them to get a quote and just few minute later, I got a response. They were very quick. On top of it, while I was looking to find a way to get a certified stamp for Germany, I've learned that they have certified translators in the European union. Thanks for making my life much easier. 


"I started the private French class with Dr. Delshad.  The time has been invaluable, positive, fun and very educational. Dr. Delshad is very creative as well as very personable and engaging. The class time flies by so fast"

Michael L.